Calhoun County Web Mapping Application Choices

Calhoun County Revenue Department

    In an endeavor to please our tax payers Calhoun County Revenue Commission has two Tax Map sites that allow you to search for tax parcel info by Parcel number, PPIN, owner name and address. The old site use Adobe Flex and ESRI ArcGIS Server 10.x. The new mobile friendly site and the oldest site does not use browser plugings and thus works on any mobile device that supports a browser (including apple devices)

To aid in learning any of our sites features there is a full help system with a quick start section for your use.

If you wish to use the Current Site, the Old Site, or our Oldest Site please choose the appropriate link below.

Our Mobile Friendly Site is no longer in Beta and now should contain all features you will find in our other sites.

Parcel Viewer Sites

Oldest Site Link Old Site Link Current Site (Mobile Friendly) Link
Oldest Site
Old Site
Requires Adobe Flash Player
Current Site (Mobile Friendly)

All sites contain the same current (up to date) Parcel information.


Other County Mapping Sites

    These site allow you to enter your address and have it looked up using 911 address information and locate important information about your address.

Commission District Finder Site Link School Districts Site Link Flood Hazard Zone Viewer Site Link
Commission District Finder
School District Finder
Requires Adobe Flash Player
Flood Hazard Zone Viewer

If the Requires Adobe Flash Player sites do not bring up a map you need to download Adobe Flash Player. click link below.

Get Flash Player Link