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  1. Configuring the Enhanced Basemap Gallery widget
  2. Using the Enhanced Basemap Gallery widget

Enhanced Basemap Gallery widget v2.8

This widget presents a gallery of basemaps and allows you to select one from the gallery as the application's basemap. The basemaps can be user-defined or from your organization or portal. However, all basemaps added to the Basemap Gallery widget must have the same spatial reference.

Configuring the Enhanced Basemap Gallery widget

  1. Hover the mouse over the Enhanced Basemap Gallery widget and click the small edit icon edit icon.

    This opens the configuration window for this widget. By default, the basemaps from your organization or portal display in the configuration window.

    Basemap Gallery configuration
  2. Optionally, click change widget icon if you want to replace the default icon for this widget.

    A file explorer window opens allowing you to browse to a local image file to use as the widget icon.

  3. Click Click to add a new basemap.

    The Add Basemap window displays.

  4. Provide a title, the URL of your map service, and click the thumbnail image to replace it with your own image file.
  5. Click Add Basemap to add additional URL of a map service to the basemap .

    Although a single basemap can contain multiple maps, they need to be in the same projection.

  6. Click OK to close this window.

    You basemap is added to the list of basemaps with the selected thumbnail.

Using the Enhanced Basemap Gallery widget

Clicking the Enhanced Basemap Gallery widget displays all the basemaps configured for this widget. Clicking one of the basemap thumbnails sets it as the active basemap for the application. Click the X button in the upper right corner of the Basemap Gallery window to close it. In this enhanced version of the Basamap Gallery widget the widget opens with the default basemap selected in the widget at the top.

Use Enhanced Basemap Gallery

Hovering over one of the basemaps below the line will display Add to hybrid mashup plus icon for adding that basemap to the current selected basemap as a hybrid basemap mashup.

Create Hybrid Basemap

The widgets UI will add the second basemap to the top selected basemaps and display a slider to adjust the mashup mix level.

Hybrid Basemap Fader

While you have a hybrid basemap, clicking on a basemap thumbnail below the line replace basemap 1 in the hybrid mashup, whereas clicking the add button will replace basemap 2. Each time a change is made to the hybrid mashup basemap by changing the layers the mashup fader will be reset to 50/50.

To remove the hybrid mashup you will hover over basmap 1 or basemap 2, depending on which one you want to remain as the selected basemap, and click the Remove hybrid mashup red X icon. The basemap that you remove will leave the un-removed basemap as the selected basemap.

Remove Hybrid Basemap